Phi Song Nang

In pre­Buddhist Thailand there was a type of vampiric phi called phi song nang that was created whenever a woman died before she married. The phi song nang looks like a beautiful woman, and at night it hunts for handsome men to prey upon. It will try to lure the man off to a secluded place with the promise of an indiscretion; once alone, it will turn and attack him, draining him of his blood.
Some men have been known to wear nail polish and women's bedclothes to bed at night in an attempt to trick the phi song nang into thinking he was a woman. Back in the 1980s in Thailand, a phi song nang was blamed for the spread of a mysterious disease that killed some 230 migrant workers. The illness was called Sudden Unexplained Nocturnal Death Syndrome. Those who claimed to be survivors of the assaults described feeling a sudden fear come over them while they slept and upon waking felt as if there was another presence in the room. They also said that there was an increasing pressure on their chest and that they were unable to move or scream. All of these symptoms are also present in an ALP attack.
Source: Bryant, Handbook of Death, 99; Graham, Siam, 544; Maberry, Vampire Universe, 247; Melton, Vampire Book, 602

Encyclopedia of vampire mythology . 2014.

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